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Muriel Sharon Tillim

Born:  Muriel Elizabeth Schochen, Lakewood Ohio, USA.  December 24, 1918.

Married:  June 17, 1956 in Westchester, New York to Sidney Tillim, Painter and Art Critic  

Died:  New York City, March 20, 1996 with her husband at her side


Father:  Benjamin Jay Schochen, Born March 12, 1893, Russia

                  Son of Meyer Schochen and Pearl Wenger

Mother:  Ella Schochen, Born September 22, 1893, Russia

                   Daughter of Lobe Schwartz and Sura Nechama


               Seyril Naomi Schochen Rubin, Playwright, (January, 7, 1915 -                            December 12, 2006)

               Dorothy Elaine Schochen Robbins, Sculptor (February 15, 1920 -                      December 12, 1999)    

Nephew:  Peter Rubin, MD and Acupuncturist


Niece:  Dena Robbins-Deckel, Puppeteer and Trauma Therapist 

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