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With many thanks to all those I interviewed and answered my follow-up questions, whose delight and happiness for this venture kept me going, to Steve Cohen for allowing the use of his videos of Emil and the Detectives and The Servant of Two Masters and for helping me untangle what cast was in what productions, to Bari Gilbert for her technical help, to The Fulbright Program, to the archivists and librarians at the NYPL, the archivist at Arizona State University, Ohio University, Ohio State University, Case Western Reserve, Adelphi College, Cornell University, Ithaca College, to the Administrative Assistant who directed me to the right person at The Plain Dealer, the archivist at The Neighborhood Playhouse and the Martha Graham archivist whose files didn’t go that far back but sure did try, and to anyone and everyone else that I might have left out, you have my undying gratitude.


And a special shout out to Jonathan Schwolsky, the web designer, whose unbridled enthusiasm made it clear from the get-go that he would bring Muriel’s gifts to life.


Oh, and most especially to Muriel!


Much Love,


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